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Fore Street, Lostwithiel

Meetings, Minutes & Agendas

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The Council is holding face-to-face meetings at Lostwithiel Community Centre on the first Tuesday monthly starting at 7pm.  Currently all meetings are being held 'socially distanced' and the Council requests that everyone attending Council meetings wears a facemask unless medically exempt or addressing the meeting and observes that the seating has been set out to allow for social distancing.  The Council will restrict access when the room is full.  Therefore, if you have any comments regarding a particular agenda item you may wish to submit these comment to the Council in writing or if you are a member of a group you may wish to consider appointing a spokesperson.

Details of the usual arrangements for the Annual Meeting of the Council and the Annual Parish Meeting can be found below.  

The Annual Meeting of the Council can take place on any date in May fixed by the Council except in an election year when it must be held between the fourth and fourteenth day after the day of the election.

The Annual Parish Meeting can take place between 1 March & 1 June. The Mayor invites your Cornwall Councillor, representatives from Cornwall Council, the Police and local organisations to address the meeting. The Mayor and each Committee Chairman, with the exception of the Staffing Committee Chairman gives a report and members of the public are able to ask questions.

The Mayor and Councillors attend the Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday and the Mayor lays a wreath.

Full Council Meetings

Date Comments Agenda Minutes Reports
04/04/2023Town Council Meeting    
07/03/2023Town Council Meeting    
07/02/2023Town Council Meeting    
10/01/2023Town Council Meeting    
06/12/2022Town Council Meeting  Agenda 
29/11/2022Extraordinary Meeting  Agenda 
03/11/2022Neighbourhood Plan Review Steering Group  Agenda 
01/11/2022Town Council Meeting  Agenda 
04/10/2022Town Council Meeting  Agenda 
06/09/2022Town Council Meeting  AgendaMinutes
30/08/2022Extraordinary Meeting  AgendaMinutes
02/08/2022Council Meeting  AgendaMinutes
28/06/2022Extraordinary Council Meeting  AgendaMinutes
07/06/2022Lostwithiel Community Centre  AgendaMinutes
31/05/2022Annual Town Meeting  AgendaMinutes (Unapproved)
12/05/2022Extraordinary Meeting  AgendaMinutes
03/05/2022May Monthly Meeting to follow Annual Meeting  AgendaMinutes
03/05/2022Annual Meeting  AgendaMinutes
05/04/2022Lostwithiel Community Centre  AgendaMinutes
15/03/2022Extraordinary Meeting  AgendaMinutes
01/03/2022Lostwithiel Community Centre  AgendaMinutes
01/02/2022Lostwithiel Community Centre  AgendaMinutes
25/01/2022Extraordinary Meeting  AgendaMinutes
11/01/2022Lostwithiel Community Centre  AgendaMinutes
07/12/2021Lostwithiel Community Centre  AgendaMinutes

Heritage Buildings Committee

Date Comments Agenda Minutes Reports
15/02/2022  AgendaMinutes
18/01/2022  AgendaMinutes
14/12/2021  AgendaMinutes

Planning Committee

Lands & Parks Committee

Staffing Committee

Date Comments Agenda Minutes Reports
16/11/2022  Agenda 
19/10/2022  Agenda 
23/08/2022  AgendaMinutes
26/07/2022  AgendaMinutes
28/06/2022  AgendaMinutes
14/06/2022  AgendaMinutes
22/02/2022  AgendaMinutes
08/12/2021  AgendaMinutes

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