Crest of Lostwithiel Town Council
Council Chamber


Currently the Council meets twice a month and has a Staffing Committee which meets at least quarterly and a new Heritage Buildings Committee which meets on the fourth Tuesday monthly.

Staffing Committee

Councillor Tim Hensman (Chair)

Councillor Karin Henderson (Vice Chair)

Councillor Chrissie Anders

Councillor Mina Clarke

Councillor Pam Jarrett

Councillor Tim Jarrett

Councillor Karen Lindley

Deputy Mayor Karen Ross

Agenda and Minutes of Meetings

Planning Committee

Agenda and Minutes of Meetings

Lands & Parks Committee

Agenda and Minutes of Meetings

Heritage Buildings Committee

Councillor Pam Jarrett (Chair)

Councillor David Guiterman (Vice Chair)

Councillor Chrissie Anders

Mr Paul Holden

Michelle Nineham

Professor John Scott

Councillor Dai Sweeney

Mrs Christine Walton

Mr Philip Watkins

Dr Caroline Yates

Agenda and Minutes of Meetings

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